With the understanding that your company's identity remains completely confidential, please answer these questions regarding your expectations for 2024 relative to your business and the Arizona economy overall.

Thank you for your participation.

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Section 1: Your expectations for your Arizona company in 2024.

1. In 2024, compared to 2023, do you anticipate net revenues for your company will:
2. Does your company plan to purchase new equipment or make other forms of new capital investments in 2024?
3. In 2024, do you anticipate an increase or decrease in your company’s levels of borrowing for operations, or for goods or services on open account with suppliers ?
4. Do you anticipate that your company's customer account debt levels will increase or decrease in 2024?
5. Do you anticipate an increase or decrease in the number of companies competing locally in your business area in 2024?
6. Do you anticipate that hiring at your company will increase or decrease in 2024?
7. What impact do you believe that supply chain issues will have on your company in 2024?
8. To what extent do you anticipate that your company will be impacted by inflation during 2024?

Section 2: Your expectations for Arizona's

economy overall in 2024.

9. Do you anticipate that Arizona’s economic growth will improve, decrease, or remain stable in 2024?
10. What level of impact do you feel that rising interest rates for bank commercial lending will have on Arizona businesses in general, and on your business specifically?
11. Do you anticipate that current supply chain challenges will improve, worsen, or remain unchanged for Arizona businesses in 2024?
12. Do you anticipate that out-of-state businesses relocating or expanding into Arizona will impact revenues for existing Arizona businesses in 2024, and if so, in a positive or negative manner?
13. Do you believe that in 2024, residential housing prices will increase, remain at present levels, or decline?
14. Do you anticipate that access to water resources will impact revenues for existing Arizona businesses in 2024, and if so, to what degree?
15. Overall, are you optimistic or pessimistic about the 2024 Arizona economy?
16. Which form of housing do you feel is most consistent with Arizona’s long term economic growth and stability?
17. Do you anticipate that commercial construction and development in 2024 will:

Section 3.Your opinion as to what needs to improve in 2024 for Arizona businesses to thrive.

18. Do you believe that Arizona’s roads, bridges, and railways are sufficient to support the transportation needs of Arizona businesses?
19. In your opinion, are Maricopa County’s mass transit options, particularly buses and the light rail system, sufficient to meet the transportation needs of commuters, especially employees and students?
20. Do you believe that the Arizona workforce is qualified to meet the needs of high-tech companies moving to or starting up in the Valley?
21. Do you believe that Arizona’s K-12, community colleges, and universities are currently producing a workforce that is sufficiently educated and skilled to meet the needs of existing and future employers in Arizona?
22. To what extent have your employees been impacted by increases in the cost of basic needs such as housing, food and transportation ?