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Welcome to Business Finance Depot’s prequalification survey.

Once you have responded to the survey below, the results will be sent in a secure format to Marisol Cruz, our COO, and myself.

One of us will review your survey answers and send the survey results to either Angelo Moskovis, North Star Leasing (equipment financing); Grant Ferguson, Unsecured Funding Source (working capital), Tricia Hoffman, Gulf Coast Bank (SBA loans); or Michael Oppel, Stone Bank (USDA loans).

Please keep your eye out for an email follow-up from the appropriate lender with our shared goal of prequalifying your financing request before you attend ARVC’s OHCE.

Thank you!

Paul Bosley


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Prequalification Survey

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The section below is for existing businesses only

How long have you been in business? (in years)
Is your business profitable?
Do you have existing debt?
If you answered "Yes" to having existing debt, how much do you owe? (List $ amount)
What is the value of your real estate & improvements (List $ amount)
What will the $ be used for? (Check all that apply)
How much money do you have to contribute to the project? (List $ amount)
What is the credit score of the owner? List credit score below. (If there is more than one owner, list credit score of each owner.)

If your project requires $5M+ in financing, please click on this link to input your business address in the USDA property eligibility map to learn if your project is eligible for USDA financing.

Is your project eligible for USDA financing?
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