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Workplace wellness efforts are crucial to safeguarding your team’s safety, reducing return-to-work anxiety, increasing engagement, and driving your team’s performance and innovation. But do you know how healthy your workplace culture is? Take this quick quiz and see how you stack up!

* 1. Does your staff feel emotionally fulfilled and stimulated by the work they do?
* 2. Has productivity stuttered or dipped at all since the beginning of the global health pandemic?
* 3. Do you have a system in place that rewards staff when they set and meet goals?
* 4. Do your employees feel like you’re meeting your company culture promises?
* 5. Is the workplace designed to mitigate distraction and clutter?
* 6. Do you routinely make time to engage with your employees and get to know them?
* 7. Does your staff feel like they are allowed to take time for fitness or meditation in their workday?
* 8. Does your workplace offer a range of healthy snacks in the office kitchen or vending machines?
* 9. Do you have monthly staff social events?
* 10. Do your employees feel you are approachable?