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Accucraft and ALCO West Locomotive Survey for Ride On Railroads in 2.5" Scale

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ALCO West Locomotives is now part of Accucraft Trains Ride On. We are looking forward continuing their tradition of high quality scale railroading equipment. In the coming months and years, we will be bringing out a wide range of 2.5" scale ride on locomotives and parts for ride on railroading. This includes the ULIN line of castings and designs along with new designs.

Please take a minute to help us with this survey so we can better serve this market.

Do you own any ride on trains or equipment?
If you own ride on equipment, what scale?
Which of the following 2.5" scale locomotives would you like us to make first?
Do you prefer ordering a pre-built/ready to run locomotive or ordering the castings kit to build your own?
For live steam models, which type of burner do you prefer?
Would you purchase an electric steam outline locomotives? (Steam train powered by battery)
Is there a spare part or accessory in 2.5" scale that you very interested in purchasing? Examples (Market lights, stoves, trucks, etc)

Thank you for participating! Your responses are much appreciated!

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