Church worship will hopefully return soon to its full array of music and fellowship experiences, such as was typical pre-COVID-19. The Vision 2035 Task Force would like to know what you are most looking forward to experiencing in the rest of church life.

Please take a few moments to answer two questions about what you can't wait to see return, and what you would like to see retained from what we have learned during the pandemic.

Results will be compiled and analyzed, reported, and further input will be sought from the congregation at Town Hall meetings beginning in August.

Thank you for your participation in this important step in determining the future of FPC Marietta!

* 1. Please tell us which age-group best describes you:
* 2. What activities/ministries are you most looking forward to returning to when the church resumes post-COVID operations? Please choose your top three.
3. Is there some other activity/ministry you look forward to as we return to church?
* 4. What would you like to see continue from the past year? Please choose your top three.
5. Is there some other activity/ministry that we started in the past year that you would like to continue?