The Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce is collecting data on the wages paid and benefits offered by local employers. All responses are anonymous and will be reported in aggregate. The report will be made publicly available to our members and stakeholders.

Please complete this short survey to help us update this important information. If you operate more than one business, please complete a separate survey for each. However, please only submit one response, per unique business. Thank you!


* What is the name of your business? (This will only be used to avoid duplicate entries and verify data, if needed. NO information will be shared outside of a combined, overall report.)
* Please select the category that best describes your business.
* What was your company's gross revenue for the most recent fiscal year?
* How many FULL-TIME workers do you employ?
* How many PART-TIME workers do you employ?
* Do you employ seasonal workers?
* What is the average hourly starting wage you pay new hires? (If salaried, please convert to hourly by dividing gross salary by 2,080)
* What is the average hourly wage of your total workforce?
* What is your organization's compensation strategy?
* What types of wage/salary increases do you typically award employees? (check all that apply)
* Do you pay employees cash bonuses?
* If you award cash bonuses, how are they determined? (please check all that apply)
* On average, what percentage of your employee's total annual compensation is paid in bonuses?
* Do your employees receive tips/gratuities?
* What type of employment benefits do you offer (please check all that apply)
* Do you offer your employees health insurance or other healthcare assistance?
* If you offer health insurance, what percentage of the employees premium do you pay?
What is the average monthly premium COST per employee? (Please report premium cost, not what portion you pay. Skip question if not applicable.)
What is your plan's annual deductible? (Skip question if not applicable.)
* Does your company health plan include coverage options for employee family members or dependents?
* If your company plan includes family member/dependent coverage, do you pay for any portion of those premiums?
What is the name of provider or program you use for your company health plan? (Skip question if your company does not have a plan.)
* Please indicate which of the following employment benefits you offer: (check all that apply)
* What is your rate of turn-over in the first year of employment?
* What is your rate of turn-over among employees who have worked for more than a year?
* What percentage of your current employees commute from outside of Gillespie County to work?
* Do you currently have job vacancies in your company?
* What are the primary reasons you lose workers? (check all that apply)
* If you've made an employment offer within the last year that was not accepted, please indicate the reason given. (check all that apply)
* What resources do you utilize to recruit workers? (check all that apply)