Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast

Workforce Needs Survey

As the marine industry continues to grow on the Treasure Coast, so do the workforce needs of the businesses looking to expand along with it.

MIATC would like to better understand the unique workforce needs of our association members and non-member businesses, including companies looking to expand into the Treasure Coast.

Participation in this study is important as MIATC seeks to explore opportunities to partner with educational institutions and vocational schools in developing a curriculum specific to marine industry trades.

Data collected will be used to support MIATC’s efforts and possibly used to secure funding for such programs as opportunities arise.

For more information, contact Justin Beard, Executive Director of the MIATC, at 772-692-7599 or email [email protected].

What do you feel are the barriers to hiring? Rank the following item in order of importance.
Please check below your interest in learning about workforce training programs and services from the following resource partners (check all that apply)
What are your challenges in retaining employees? (check all that apply)
Would you be interested in hosting a student apprentice? (If yes, please explain)
What certifications or licenses would you like potential employees to have?
Do you currently have any open positions?
What types of training would be of benefit to your current employees and/or skill sets you are seeking for new hires? (check all that apply)
* Briefly tell us about your business. Please be sure to include the name of the person completing the survey, along with a phone number and email address.