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* How long have you been a Freemason?
* Do you actively attend lodge?
If your answer to #2 was no, why do you not attend?
* How did you feel the last time you walked out of lodge?
* If you left lodge feeling less that satisfied, what suggestions do you have that might add value to your experience?
* Do you believe Masonic education is important?
* Did you know the Museum and Library keeps regular hours that allow for visitors and lodge tours?
* Would you be interested in touring the Museum and Library?
* What way do you receive Masonic news and information?
* Do you currently donate to the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation?
* If you currently don't donate, why?
* What is one thing you think your lodge needs to help grow for the future?
* Did you know individuals and lodge groups can tour the Masonic Home?
* Thinking about your future, what kind of services would interest you?
* Would you consider a move to the Michigan Masonic Home?