The Village of Fox Lake Parks and Recreation Department aims to provide exceptional recreation programs and events that meet the evolving needs of our community. We welcome the opportunity to introduce new programs and events that inspire memorable experiences for all ages. Please take a few moments to share your ideas with us!

Are you a Fox Lake resident?
What is your age range?
Are you familiar with the current programs and events offered through our Parks and Recreation Department at the Lakefront Park facility?
How many programs or events have you participated in within the past 12 months?
If you participated in a program or event, how did you hear about it?
Which groups do you feel are most underserved by current recreation services?
How safe do you feel when visiting the park?
8. Which type of programs do you want to see more of at the new Lakefront Park Development?
9. Which types of special events would you like to see at the new Lakefront Park Development?