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Each year Horse Show Ventures awards a Sportsmanship, Trainer of the Year, and the Iole (pronounced Eye ol') Taylor Memorial Award. The recipients of these awards are selected based on nominations made by our membership and supporters. We encourage you to participate in nominating individuals for each of these honors. Please, one vote per person for each of these awards.

The Sportsmanship Award is for the individual that has exemplified good sportsmanship throughout the year and has had a positive impact on you and others.Your nomination for the 2022 Sportsmanship Award? Please provide a few remarks as to why you are making this nomination.
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Trainer of the Year Award. Please share a few remarks as to why you are nominating this trainer.
The Iole Taylor Memorial Award: a person that demonstrates "Grit, Grace, & Pluck", a can-do spirit, a positive attitude, perseverance, grace, kindness, and respect to all, especially animals. The Iole Taylor Memorial Trophy will recognize an equestrian that approaches life as a joyful adventure and has the courage to try and learn new skills, and demonstrates courage to continue despite obstacles. Please share a few remarks as to why you are nominating this individual for this award.