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*** Home Insurance Cancellation Survey 2020 ***

* 1. What company provides your property's fire insurance?
* 2. How long have you been with this company?
* 3. Have you ever received non-renewal notification from the provider of your fire insurance?
4. When?
5. If yes to #3, what was the Company's stated reason for non renewal?
6. Other reason
* 7. Have you switched fire insurance companies in the last 5 years?
8. Why did you switch carriers? Check all that apply
9. Other reason you switched
10. If you recently had to shop for new fire insurance, how difficult was it to find another carrier?
11. If you were notified your policy would not be renewed, what was the resolution? Check all that apply.
12. How does the PRICE you're now paying for homeowners/fire insurance compare with your rate 5 years ago?
13. How does the COVERAGE you now have compare with 5 years ago?
14. Your Zip Code