Dear fellow Veteran or current service member,

You are very important to us! We would love to have your input on the following brief survey. Please take the time to complete the 16-question survey below. This allows us to help Veterans like yourself and others become a vital part of the future in The American Legion.

— Department of Minnesota Strategic Planning Committee

Minnesota American Legion Survey

Are you considering joining a Veterans organization?
How familiar are you with Veterans organizations?
Which Veterans organizations are in your community or neighborhood?
If you have an American Legion post in your community or neighborhood, do you know any members?
* If you answered "No" or "Unsure" to question 4, do you know how to find or locate the nearest American Legion?
How likely are you to join a Veterans organization?
Have you ever been asked to join the American Legion?
* Have you ever been to an event or gathering in your community (parade, carnival, fair, funeral, school sporting event, etc.) that The American Legion participated in?
* If you are open to joining The American Legion or other Veterans organization, what are you looking for in being a member?
* What would make The American Legion an organization you would join?
Did you know The American Legion is responsible for the G.I. Bill and subsequent improvements?
* If you became an American Legion Member, which of the following would you expect or like to receive?
How strongly do you feel about supporting your fellow Veterans and their families?
How much would you be willing to pay for your annual membership?
May we contact you to discuss your survey?
If so, please provide either a phone number, email address or both. Thank you for your service and we are excited to talk with you!