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Vote now for the Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals 14 year anniversary awards gala. Winners will be announced live April 12th 6pm at the Neu Neu Event center. For full details log onto

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Mountain Mover Award Nominees 2023

Award Criteria: Consistently impacts the successful outcome of events. A pivotal team member who goes above-and-beyond, making it all happen.

Mountain Mover Award
Rising Star Award Nominees 2023

Award Criteria: Person or Business that’s grown with networking. A referral partner, they make an effort to really understand and know other’s businesses and refer business back-and-forth. They are really starting to shine in the event’s industry.

Rising Star Award
Diamond Award Nominees 2023

Award Criteria: Has the industry “it” factor. They get it, they show it, they share it, they are it! The crème de la crème.

Diamond Award
Member of the Year award nominees 2023

Award Criteria: exemplary current TCWEP Member, supports the vision of networking, collaborating, supports fellow businesses.

Member of the Year Award

Award Criteria: Person or Business that not only survives, but thrives in the midst of change and uncertainty, able to pivot and adjust, creates opportunities, gives hope to those around them, inspires innovation, adaptation and leadership.

Wedding Warrior Award