ATD-Orange County 2022 Board of Directors Election Ballot

Thank you in advance for your participation in this crucial part of our Chapter's health!

For each office, vote for one of the candidates listed, or you may write in your choice in the box that says "other." (Any write-in candidate(s) must meet the qualifications as stated in the bylaws to be elected.)

In order to verify that each voter is eligible to vote, you must put your name on your ballot. Each member is allowed to submit a single ballot only. (If more than one ballot is submitted by a member, the last ballot received will be counted as the official ballot. If you make 2 choices for the same position, that position's vote will be voided and not counted.)

The election closes at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Thank you for your time!

Continuing Leaders:

2022 President - Gillian Wilson

2022 President Elect - Lynn Nissen

2022 Past President - Susmitha Valvekar

Please vote for a candidate for each Board Role

Chief Financial Officer
Vice President, Membership
Co-Vice President, Professional Development - Total Trainer University
Co-Vice President, Professional Development - Workshops
Vice President, Talent Development
Vice President, Marketing
Vice President, Programs
Your Name

The 2021 Board of Directors thanks you again for your participation in selecting the future leaders of the ATD-Orange County Chapter.

´╗┐Your time and dedication is greatly appreciated.