HARTFlex Survey

Dear valued HART customer,


At HART, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, efficient, and user-friendly transportation services. To achieve this, we constantly seek feedback from our customers to better understand their travel demands and needs. Your feedback is a critical component in this effort, as it provides us with valuable insights into your experiences with our HARTFlex services.


We understand that every customer has unique travel demands and needs, and we strive to provide services that cater to these individual requirements. By participating in this survey, you can help us identify areas where we can improve our services to better meet your needs.


Your feedback will be used to inform our decision-making processes as we work to develop transportation services that are responsive to your needs. We appreciate your time and effort in completing this survey, and we look forward to using your feedback to enhance our HARTFlex services.

* How often do you utilize HARTFlex services?
* What is your point of origin when using HARTFlex services?
* What is your intended destination after exiting the vehicle at the bus stop?
* Which areas of the city of Tampa or Hillsborough County do you frequent most when using HART services?

Thank you for your time and valuable feedback. We remain committed to delivering transportation solutions that make a positive difference to our riders.