Request to Speak account information

One of the best ways to communicate your position on legislation at the Arizona State Capitol is via the Request to Speak (RTS) system. RTS comments are transmitted to each state legislator and become part of the record for each bill.

Please note that while the name “Request to Speak” suggests otherwise, using the RTS system does not mean you actually have to speak in support or opposition for a bill in a committee hearing or attend the hearing (although, you may, if you would like).

The system is designed to collect public input electronically, so that you can provide support or opposition to bills – regardless of whether you are physically at the State Capitol or not.

Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs (GSPA), our lobbying team for the Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona, has offered to create accounts for those of you who do not already have one set up. Most of WFSA advocacy efforts to support or oppose legislation will be through the RTS system, so the Women's Foundation wants to be sure that everyone can participate that would like to. 

To create the account at the capitol, GSPA will need an active email address and your first and last name. Please fill out the form below to have an account created for you.

* Do you give Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs permission to create a Request to Speak account on your behalf?
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If you are having trouble logging in to your RTS Account. Contact us [email protected]