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Olympia Film Society Board Application Form 2022-2023

New board members will be introduced at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at 6pm via Zoom. You will be invited in advance of that date if you have been accepted to serve on the board. 

Help OFS fulfill its mission to present film, music, and art that engage our community, encourage volunteerism and preserve the Capitol Theater.

The board and staff are committed to:

  • reopening when safe to fulfill our mission: to present film, music, and art that engage our community, to encourage volunteerism, and to ensure the preservation of the Capitol Theater;
  • raising funds to bring exciting programming to the South Sound, as well as fundraising to restore the theater (new seats, an updated concessions area, expanded restrooms, and more);
  • partnering with other non-profits and the City of Olympia to create a vibrant arts community in the South Sound.

Board Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Help OFS create a vision for the future and a strategic plan to carry out that vision.
  • Enhance the organization's public standing, clearly articulating the mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public.
  • Provide financial oversight; ensure adequate resources by fundraising.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity; maintain accountability.
  • Strengthen OFS's programs and services, ensure they are consistent with the mission, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Donate to the organization at whatever level you can afford.
  • Serve a two-year term; attend monthly meetings regularly.

Please provide us with some information about you. All info below except for your contact phone number and mailing address will be made available to OFS members for the election voting process.

In the event of a contested election, your name, personal statement, and photo will be posted on the OFS website, and on any materials associated with the voting process. We will not share your contact information.

* Required Questions

* First Name
* Last Name
* Phone
* Email
* City/State
* Occupation
* What specific experience and knowledge can you offer to the Olympia Film Society?
* How many hours a month are you prepared to devote to these activities?
* How do you know about OFS? Have you volunteered at the theater, or do you know someone who serves on the board, do you attend film screenings and concerts?

Please indicate your experience in the following areas

* Non Profit Strategic Planning / Organizational Development
* Fundraising / Event Planning
* Board Development (recruitment & evaluation)
* Love or knowledge of film, music, and art
* Financial Management and Controls
* Public & Media Communications
* Previous Board Experience
* Board Development (recruitment & evaluation)
* Writing / Journalism
* Grant Writing
* As a board member, which committee would you best serve? (can choose more than one interest)
* Please provide a jpg image of yourself along with a personal statement of up to 200 words.

Upload your image/headshot here

If you do not have the time to volunteer, please consider making a donation to support our work by clicking the image below. Thank you.