Please read the following eligibility guidelines:

1. Your household income is at or below the following 2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines:

Maximum Annual Household Income

$18,310 Household of 2

$23,030 Household of 3

$27,750 Household of 4

$32,470 Household of 5

$37,190 Household of 6

$41,910 Household of 7

$46,630 Household of 8

Exceptions may be made for families experiencing extenuating circumstances.

2. Family lives in Greater Franklin County and/or attends RSU 9, RSU 73, MSAD 58, Rangeley Schools, Stratton School, home-school.

3. Entering grades Pre-K through 12th.

Please enter information in the form below:

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Thank you for submitting your Packs for Progress backpack application!

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* I understand that all school supplies are solely for personal use and are not to be resold. Selling will result in disqualification from the program.
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* ***Survey question: does your child (or do your children) have a piggy bank or know about saving? ***
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If you have additional children (beyond the 5 listed here) please list out the gender, school and grade for EACH additional child below: