Thank you for your interest in Board University 2023, a program designed specifically to build the leadership capacity of nonprofit board members and boards across Kansas.

Board University is an eight-session program that provides unique learning opportunities to help strengthen current and future nonprofit board members. This scholarship has been generously provided through a grant from Cargill Cares to engage young professionals in nonprofit board service. Both those wanting to serve on a nonprofit board or those who currently serve, are eligible for a scholarship. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to be matched with a local nonprofit board through our Kansas Nonprofit Board Match-up Program. 

Kansas Nonprofit Chamber 2022 Board University Scholarship Application

Please check these dates and tentatively schedule them on your calendar before applying for the scholarship as it is important that you are able to attend each session. 

Sessions will be held from 11:30am-1pm in via zoom and in-person.


February 1, 2023: Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members and Officers

March 1, 2023: Recruiting and Creating an Effective Nonprofit Board

April 5, 2023: Creating Strong Board & Staff Partnerships

May 3, 2023: Engaging the Nonprofit Board in Fundraising

June 7, 2023: Understanding Financial Statements

June 28, 2023: Evaluation and the Nonprofit Board

August 2, 2023: Effectively Govern and Strategically Plan

September 6, 2023: Mock Board Meeting

October 4, 2023: Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members and Officers

November 1, 2023: Recruiting and Creating an Effective Nonprofit Board

Those who attend eight sessions will receive a certificate of completion. 

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Although not required, we encourage you to engage someone else involved with your organization to participate in this program with you. To do so, you could simply forward them the application to apply for a scholarship or they could pay for the tuition of the program. If you will be inviting another participant from your organization, please provide a name below.
* What are the biggest challenges you face serving on a nonprofit board and/or what is keeping you from serving on a board?