Alaska House Coalition - 2023 Constituent Survey

Dear friends and neighbors,

As the Legislature works to address Alaska’s structural deficit and implement a fiscal plan, the Alaska House Coalition wants to hear your thoughts, priorities, and ideas.

Please take a few minutes to complete our brief survey. 

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The Fiscal Reality of Alaska’s Budget

Big declines in Alaska oil production over the last 30 years and wildly fluctuating oil prices have combined to slash the State of Alaska’s oil revenues, triggering substantial budget cuts over the last decade.  The State of Alaska added substantial new revenues in 2018 by starting a system in which the state spends a sustainable amount of Permanent Fund earnings each year to pay for the budget. That new system created in 2018 allows the state to spend only 5 percent of the market value of the Permanent Fund. Even with these additional revenues from that Percent of Market Value (“POMV”) draw, oil revenues are still so low compared to earlier times like the early 1980s that the state still faces difficult choices to pay for public services like roads and schools as well as Permanent Fund Dividends.  

Fiscal Plan

We need your help! As the Legislature and Governor work through a fiscal plan, your input is essential to help our coalition represent the diverse views of our state and ensure that the Legislature’s fiscal plan meets the needs of Alaskans.  Please take a few minutes to complete our brief constituent survey.

Balancing the state budget will require some combination of new revenues, changes to the Permanent Fund Dividend, and/or additional cuts to services.

Considering the following choices, what best reflects your position?

* The Permanent Fund Dividend formula
* New Revenues / taxes
* Budget Reductions
If you support cuts, where do you think the state should focus them?
* In what areas of government should the Legislature prioritize funding?

Which of the following broad-based new revenues would you support? 

Sales Tax (examples of exceptions for sales tax include: food, medicine, fuel, health care, and services)
Income Tax
* Which of the following new revenue proposals would you support?
* Which of the following tax reductions, if any, would you support?
* If we were to raise new revenue, through the options above, we should use the new revenue to:
* Would you support replacing the existing constitutional spending cap?


* Currently there are various proposals to increase the Base Student Allocation (BSA) which funds Alaska’s schools. Of the following, which would you support?
* Do you believe the education funding formula (BSA) should be updated to automatically adjust for inflation?
* The University of Alaska has faced serious cuts since 2017. Of the following, which would you support?
* Would you support a return to a defined benefit pension plan for educators, first responders, and public employees?

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on these pressing issues facing our state. If you have additional comments, you can share them below. 

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