*** ´╗┐Registration Form! (please read carefully) (*red star must answer to proceed)***

* 1. FAMILY NAME and list ALL persons attending in group (You will need medical information for each person in your group which will be sent to you after your registration is received..) If you bring someone else's child, you will need a permission slip per child with medical information) You may fill out more than one if necessary.
* 2. Address, cell phones, congregation attending if applicable
* 3. How many adults? Certified Youth Workers? Priesthood? Office please.
* 4. Number of kids under 21. Names, grades & ages.
* 5. (NO HANDICAP ROOMS AVAILABLE) Request sleeping quarters (must specify preference) bring your bedding, your bath needs and personal items. Room temperatures vary.
6. If you have food allergies or issues, please answer below.
7. Have you or anyone in your group been exposed to COVID recently? How recently? Name below.
Fees: CASH OR CHECKS ONLY: Over 21 = $20.00, Under 21 = Free $0 Free Will Offering will be received to offset cut-prices for campers. Thank you and God Bless!