Your county. Your vision.

Thurston County is excited to announce the launch of the County’s Comprehensive Plan update. Thurston County community members are coming together to create a vision and strategic plan for the future. This update to the county’s Comprehensive Plan, will establish goals, policies, and actions that preserve community strengths and address the community’s key priorities.  

Your participation is important to ensure this update reflects the viewpoints of the Thurston County community. 

Thurston County in 20 Years.

Please select how important you feel the following topics are when considering Thurston County over the next 20 years.

Diversify and increase job and business opportunities.
Prepare for natural hazards.
Prepare for climate change and take actions towards reducing impacts.
Address traffic congestion.
Increase bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
Protect agriculture.
Protect sensitive areas like wildlife habitat, flood areas, landslide areas, and surface and ground water.
Increase availability of affordable housing.
Increase land available for industrial or commercial development.
Add more options and/or locations for recreation.
Improve access to health care.
Protect cultural and historic resources.
Improve equity and fairness in the community.
Please select your top three topics.
Are there any important topics or issues that we didn't list above that you'd like to tell us about?

Who are you?

Help us understand if we're reaching a fair sample of Thurston County residents.

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