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Michigan Family Farms Conference Award Nominations

The planning committee would like to invite you to nominate individuals, farms, or producers for the awards presented at the Michigan Family Farms Conference (MFFC). Awards selection will be performed by the MFFC Planning Subcommittee, individuals representing many fields throughout the industry. The awards descriptions are below and you may send multiple nominations. If you have any difficulties with submitting the form or have questions, please email [email protected] or call 517.709.8271

If you would like to submit multiple nominations, hit the refresh button in the browser after you submit the first nomination.

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Award Descriptions


Farmer of the Year:

This award recognizes the people who put their heart, time, and energy into their farming endeavors and the health of their communities. They are leaders among small-scale sustainable farmers and land stewards, who inspire creativity, adaptability, and encourage holistic practices.

Dr. LeRoy Ray, Jr. Award

This award recognizes a Food System Leader who is dedicated to bringing about positive change in their community through networking, education, advocacy, and ground work. They are passionate about uniting people around community care through food systems education, cultivation or distribution as a means for increased resilience and well-being. 

Morse Brown Award, Courageous Catalyst:

This award recognizes people who demonstrate determined courage in the face of difficulties. They are not deterred by obstacles and navigate them in a relentless, plucky, audacious, and authentic way. They are a mover, shaker, and a change maker.

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