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OMEGA Federal Credit Union Spring 2021 Survey

* In general, how satisfied are you with the service you receive at OMEGA Federal Credit Union?
* OMEGA employees are polite and professional
* OMEGA employees are committed to helping me
* OMEGA employees treat me as a member of the family
* How has your level of satisfaction changed over the past 12 months?
* OMEGA Federal Credit Union offers an array of financial services. Is there a specific financial product or service that we do not currently offer that you would like to see? If yes click "other and please explain."
* How long have you been a member of OMEGA FCU?
* Have you heard that our core system conversion, which will allow us to provide enhanced products and services, will occur on November 1, 2021?
* How satisfied are you with the communication that you receive from OMEGA?
* How likely are you to consider OMEGA FCU for your lending needs?
Do you have any suggestions to improve OMEGA?
* Give us your email address to enter to win the $250 gift card!