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Please take a few minutes to answer the short survey questions below.

The answers submitted in this survey will be completely anonymous. No identifying personal information will be collected.

* 1. Which of these Saint Peter Public Library services do you feel are of value to you? (check all that apply)
* 2. What library services did you use during the pandemic? (check all that apply)

How frequently are you likely to use the following library services? Please round up to select the answer that best represents your response.

* 3. Contact us via email.
* 4. Get in-person or phone assistance for reference questions, research or book recommendations.
* 5. Get in-person or phone assistance for online resources, technology or other equipment (copier, mobile printing, printer, etc.)
* 6. Go to the library
* 7. Use/follow library social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
* 8. Use the library catalog or website
* 9. What are the biggest barriers to using the library either in-person or online
* 10. Do you live in Nicollet County?
* 11. Do you live within the city limits of St. Peter?
* 12. Do you have a library card?
* 13. When did you last visit the library?
* 14. What is your age?
* 15. What is your household yearly income?
16. How would you describe your gender identity? (optional)
* 17. Which of the following best describes you?
* 18. Do you think the library meets the needs of our diverse community?
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