City of Tifton Comprehensive Plan Update 2023

* Which county do you live in?
* Do you live or work in the City of Tifton?
If you reside within the City of Tifton, do you own or rent your home?
What is your age?
* How do you feel about the overall appearance of the City of Tifton
* Do you have access to internet at your home, other than satellite provider options?
* Tifton is home to many historical structures, monuments, and natural areas that are under constant risk of decay or demolition. These assets, once lost, are irreplaceable. How important to you is the preservation of Tifton's historic and natural assets?
* What do you consider to be the most relevant issues related to housing in Tifton?
* Have you used public transit in Tifton?
Is there something lacking in Tifton that you would like to see added?
What are some things you would miss from Tifton if you moved elsewhere?
Please leave any additional remarks you may want to mention: