2021 Non Profit Organization of the Year Nomination

This member non-profit organization demonstrates exceptional commitment to building the community and enhancing the quality of life in Kyle, has characteristics focused on core values, goals and their overall mission, and uses creativity and innovation to meet the needs of the Kyle community.

All questions are REQUIRED. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Organization nominated must:

- Be in business for at least two years

- Be a member of the Kyle Chamber of Commerce for a minimum of one year.

- Demonstrate exceptional business practices and customer service

- Have focused core values, goals and overall mission.

- Have built and maintained its leadership role in Kyle by demonstrating creativity and innovation to meet the needs of the Kyle Community.

- Was not named Non-Profit of the Year in 2019.

By answering the questions below, describe how this organization demonstrates these qualities.


* 1. Please provide the name of the organization being nomiated.
* 2. Is this organization located in Kyle?

When completing this nomination, describe in DETAIL how this organization demonstrates each attribute. Include examples, stories, and specifics, as the judges may not be familiar with this organization and will solely rely on the information provided when making a selection.

Although limited space is available, use at least one full paragraph to describe each attribute. ***Single word answers without detail will not be accepted.

* 3. Describe (in detail) how this organization is directly tied to Kyle, including specific projects and their benefit to others in Kyle.
* 4. What are the organization's core values, goals and overall mission?
* 5. How has the organization built and maintained it's leadership role in Kyle's community?
* 6. How has the organization demonstrated creativity and innovation in meeting the need of the Kyle community?
* 7. Please share how this organization exemplified excellence during the last 12 months.
* 8. Thank you for your nomination! Please provide your name, phone number and email address. If we have questions or need clarification, we will contact you.