2021 Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

This individual, either independent or associated with a member business, exhibits strong involvement with the Kyle Chamber and a high degree of interaction and support in Kyle; contributes to the mission of the Kyle Chamber in helping to promote, empower, and become a valuable resource to the business community and Chamber members.

All questions are REQUIRED. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Volunteer of the Year must:

- Be a member with the Kyle Chamber of Commerce and volunteering for at least one year.

- Have been involved in planning and/or implementing Chamber events or programs (i.e. committee member, chair, volunteer)

- Be involved in business and/or community issues.

- Demonstrate leadership, innovation, and motivation among the community as a whole

- Was not named the Volunteer of the Year in 2019-2020

* 1. Please provide the following information for the person you are nominating: first and last name, job title, company name and phone number.
* 2. How long has the nominee been involved with the Kyle Chamber of Commerce?

When completing this nomination, describe in DETAIL how the nominee demonstrates each attribute. Include examples, stories, and specifics, as the judges may not be familiar with the nominee and will solely rely on the information provided when making a selection.

Although limited space is available, use at least one full paragraph to describe each attribute. ***Single word answers without detail will not be accepted.

* 3. Describe the nominee's high level of involvement with the Kyle Chamber (i.e. committee, volunteering, public support, etc.)
* 4. Describe the characteristics and actions that identify the nominee as a leader within the business community.
* 5. Describe how the nominee's leadership within the Kyle Chamber and the business community motivates the membership and communityas a whole.
* 6. Please share how this individual exemplified excellence during the last 12 months.
* 7. Thank you for your nomination! Please provide your name, phone number and email address.