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In celebration of a vital local resource (our youth!), The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce offers one free space for each night to an organization to operate the Party in the Park Kids' Zone.

We invite you to promote your organization and join us for Party in the Park 2023 by staffing the Kids' Zone at Party in the Park Music and Marketplace.

This program:

  • offers outreach opportunity for community organizations to interact with our community
  • provides a platform to inform the public about local youth programs
  • creates opportunity for our local youth to volunteer in their hometown
  • enhances the vibrancy of the market by embracing a broad cross section of causes and ages
* Name of organization

Group Coordinator: Please enter the information indicated below for the group member or affiliate who will be responsible for coordinating with Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce and group members. 

* First Name
* Last Name
* Cell phone
* Email address
* Total number of adults staffing the booth
* Which Wednesday dates is your group available?
* What activities or games are you planning? All activities must be approved in advance by the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce.
If available, would you like to staff the booth on more than one date?
* Do you plan to sell merchandise?

If you are selling merchandise, you seller’s permit number is required. See info from California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and apply for appropriate license or call 1 800 400 7115.

Seller’s permit number:
Please include any additional information here.

Party in the Park Music & Marketplace



  1. Kids Zone participants will provide an activity for young visitors to Party in the Park.
  2. Booths must be staffed and fully operational during market hours. NO EARLY TEAR-DOWN. Failure to comply may prohibit future participation.
  3. Groups may set up from 4:30p.m. and must be operational no later than 5:45p.m.
  4. Chamber will provide and set up canopy and two tables for the Kids Zone. You are welcome to bring your own banners, literature, etc.
  5. Booth staff will conduct themselves in a friendly, professional manner. At least one group member must be over 18 years of age.
  6. All activity and promotion must take place within booth. No leafletting.
  7. Applicants are responsible for their own activity materials and are hereby advised that applicants assume the risk of leaving items unattended.
  8. The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to shut down a participant booth if the items displayed are improperly stated on this application and/or as approved through our review process.
  9. The festival maintains a “Rain or Shine” policy, commencing and adjourning at posted times. Cancellations prior to event must be submitted via email to [email protected] and will impact future consideration.
  10. Exhibitor/Participant agrees to INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Paradise from any claim, cause of action, and/or suits for damages.
  11. The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to link to your website/Facebook page promotional materials, and to display images of you and/or your group taken at the Party in the Park on the PRCOC web site, Facebook page, and in all promotional materials.
  12. Please publicize your attendance at the market through your website, newsletter, and social media. For a “Party in the Park” logo, contact [email protected]
  13. Applicant agrees to receive email messages from Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

 Please download, review and share these terms and conditions with all group members. Your application constitutes an agreement to comply.