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When I first started my functional medicine journey, I didn’t take this path to change careers (I was an ophthalmologist). I explored this to fix myself. I was living in the land of NO’s. NO energy. No brain. No libido. No patience. As I started improving, there was a noticeable difference and my friends kept asking me for whatever supplement I was taking so they could get some help, too. However, a key aspect of functional medicine is health is PERSONAL! What was good for me might not have been what they needed so I started testing my friends and treating them individually with what they needed. This was over 17 years ago! 


While I love working with people one on one, I have always dreamed of getting the message out and teaching people like you to be able to identify key things in your own labs so you can really start to understand your health better and ways to optimize it! This is why I built the Functional Labs Decoded Program. 


Below is more information about the course which will be opening back up in 2024. Here is some of the great feedback from my first launch! 

"I really felt I was taking my health seriously— yearly physicals, bloodwork, mammograms, etc. Functional Labs made me realize I needed to be more proactive. I now know to respect symptoms even if my numbers are ‘normal,’ ask for more specific testing, interpret the results (along with my physician) and, in general, make my healthcare much more interactive and understandable."


“This was my favorite module” – regarding the Adrenal module which evaluates stress.


“This is great! I’m getting labs Wednesday so perfect timing for me to get a deeper understanding! Thyroid can so confusing thanks for helping us learn to advocate for ourselves!”


“Dr. Laura I learned so much from this segment and the timeline piece is so critical to heal! Thanks for walking us through that!”


“Your own personal journey adds validity to this study. Thank you. “

? Are YOU Ready to Decode Your Health?

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It's time to take charge- 

With the power of Functional Labs Decoded Course, you will walk away with the knowledge to ensure you reach your peak vitality & ability to decode your health from a functional medicine perspective. 

 Plus, you'll have the convenience of ordering your own labs through our exclusive portal! 

? What You'll Walk Away Knowing How to Interpret the Following among More: 

 ? Thyroid 

? Nutrients 

? Autoimmune

 ? Blood Sugar 

? Cholesterol

 ?️ Gut Health (food sensitivity, SIBO, yeast, and comprehensive stool analysis)

? Mold ...and many more vital labs!

? Self-Paced Learning: Access engaging video modules and handy handouts that guide you through each lab, ensuring you grasp every essential detail addressing each of these areas listed above.

Your journey to optimal health begins here!