The Daily Dance of Sleep and Body Clocks

The interplay of sleep pressures and body clock processes that create balance in our being and promote mental wellness.


This 90 minute forum will include lecture on the interplay of sleep pressures and body clock processes that create balance in our being and promote mental wellness. The roles of light, darkness, movement, routine and self-dialogue in achieving restorative sleep and optimizing cognitive health will be explained. Twenty minutes of Q & A and discussion time will follow. This presentation is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for advice and consultation on specific sleep problems-participants are encouraged to discuss sleep concerns with their medical provider.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the basic homeostatic and circadian processes that drive sleep and wakefulness. 
  • Become acquainted with the relationship between restorative sleep, body clocks, cognitive health and the neuroprotective response. 
  • Be provided a handout on basic sleep hygiene guidance to improve sleep outcomes and be informed about general non-pharmacologic approaches to sleep management.                   
  • Be provided a list of local clinic resources for behavioral sleep intervention and web sites for further study on sleep matters.

Date:  Tuesday, October 27th

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: ZOOM Virtual Meeting

Price: $15 Members, $25 Non-Members

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Dr. Michael DeSanctis is a licensed psychologist, in MN & WI, a Diplomate of the Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology in Counseling, and listed in the National Register of Health Psychology Providers; Dr. DeSanctis owns Positive Sleep Journeys, PLLC, dedicated to public outreach education on sleep and circadian processes, and also focused on training/consultation with health care professionals wishing to deepen their understanding of behavioral sleep medicine interventions.

Dr. DeSanctis has published in a variety of trade and professional journals, consulted with the MN Highway Safety and Research Center, provided continuing education through the Normandale College Integrative Health Program, and has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses in psychology at various institutions in the greater Twin Cites. He is former Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology at St. Mary's University of MN. He retired from practice after 30 years of service to individuals, families, clinics and community organizations.

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