UPDATED: Monday, August 30, 2021

(updates on Owen listed below)


Owen Westhusing Medical Expenses

On June, 27, 17 year old Owen Westhusing was involved in a truck accident north of Montrose. He was life-flighted from the scene to Children's Mercy in Kansas City. The accident caused multiple injuries including; broken pelvis on both sides, two neck fractures, broken scapula, concussion, deep laceration on his foot exposing the bone and tendon, extreme road rash, abrasions and bruising. On June, 28 Owen had surgery on his ankle and pelvis to repair the damage. Another surgery is scheduled for Thursday, July 1st to repair damage done to tendons in his foot. Due to the exposure of the bone and tendon in his foot, he will also be facing skin grafts and major reconstructive surgeries. Owen is facing months in a wheelchair.

While Owens injuries are extensive, they could have been much worse. We are so thankful that our God had his hand over him through the accident. We are also so thankful for the many people who have prayed for Owen. Owens journey is not over and he still needs all the prayers he can get.

MO-KAN Livestock Market has been honored to market the Westhusing family cattle for the last 20+ years. On July 8th, MO-KAN Livestock Market in Butler, MO will be having a benefit auction. All proceeds will go towards Owens medical expenses. If you would like to donate something for the benefit auction, contact MO-KAN Livestock Market Office at 660-679-6535 or Drea (Westhusing) Brawley at 417-773-0049. If would like to make a monetary donation, read the information below.

In order to avoid the fees GoFundMe and PayPal charge, we have decided to set up a Venmo account in care of Nick and Crystal Westhusing. To donate via Venmo, send your money to the username Owen-Westhusing. Venmo Verification Code is 3933. For those without access to Venmo, an account has been set up at Montrose Savings Bank. There isn't a donation that is too big or too small, they are all appreciated the same. If you do not wish to donate, a prayer is worth just as much and so much more!


Monday, August 30, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN: Surgery to remove the external fixator and pins in his pelvis/hip area is TODAY! The skin graft surgery will hopefully be done in the near future. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN: Surgery was cancelled for today. Will update on new date asap.

Friday, August 20, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN: Surgery to remove the external fixator and pins in his pelvis/hip area is scheduled for Thursday, August 26th. They will also do the skin graft surgery on his foot on Thursday. Great progress is being made. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Friday, August 6, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Lynn Westhusing) Yesterday he went back to Kansas City to the doctor, they have removed the stitches in his foot as well as removed his wound VAC that he had going. It looks good and within the next couple of weeks they are hoping to be able to do that skin graft on that foot, followed by surgery later on down the road for the tendon. He goes back today to see another doctor today. He is getting out of the house more often and is able to move himself a little better. He will still be in the wheelchair quite a long while and he can’t wait to get the pins out of his hips. As with most of us this stuff never goes fast enough, however he is recovering quite well. Once again we thank you very much for your prayers and support. We have an amazing God and this grandma will continue to give God all the praise and glory, that he alone deserves. God bless you all

Wednesday, July 13, 2021

Surgery went well and Owen is out of recovery and in his room. (11:50 am) As soon as he wakes up more and is able to eat and drink they should be able to head home!!!

Owen arrived home about 9:00 PM on Wednesday night!!

With Owen coming home today, Nick and Crystal are asking that there be no visitors except family at this time. They appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers but they are going to need some time to adjust to their new routine and to get Owen settled and comfortable. A online sign-up for meals will be posted soon. Jenny Rohaus and Connie Cook are contacts for meals. If you have any questions about meal donations, feel free to reach out to them. (Jenny 660-351-2465) (Connie 660-492-9439)

Keep the prayers coming for a smooth transition to home for Owen and his family!

Monday, July 12, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Crystal Westhusing)

Owen’s feeding tube was removed this morning and his discharge date is set for Wednesday afternoon/evening! He does have surgery again on his ankle/foot Wednesday morning, so discharge is dependent on everything going as planned throughout the day Wednesday! Owen will go back to Children's Mercy once a week to have the wound vac changed out and if everything is looking good in three weeks he will have the skin graft surgery. Owen has a special bed and wheelchair coming that he will use at home.

Please continue to pray for Owen’s appetite to improve, strength and motivation for rehab, for continued healing, for his pain to decrease, steady hands & wisdom for the doctors & surgeons, and endurance for Nick & Crystal during the months ahead.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Crystal Westhusing)

Owen's surgery went well today. They were able to attach the patch over the tendon. It will be about a four week process to allow the tendon to fully attach and gain circulation. He will have to have weekly visits to get a new wound vac. There will be an outpatient surgery at a later date to place a skin graft over the patched tendons. Once Owen is healing good, he will go in for reconstructive surgery on this area, probably in late November or December.

The current plan is to get Owen strong enough to come home. He will be in an external fixation device around his pelvis and a wheelchair for about eight weeks and be doing therapy. After they remove the external fixation device then he will be able to begin therapy for walking on his own.

Every day progress is being made. Thank you again for all your prayers!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Owen is scheduled for surgery today at noon. Surgery to clean the infection in the foot and plastic surgery will do some reconstruction work. Please pray for strength and healing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Lynn Westhusing) Stayed with Owen yesterday he seemed in less pain and was talking more. He will be having another surgery on the foot. He is so ready to get out of there and come home. He has had so much patience, more than most adults. Our God has great plans for him! Please continue to say a prayer if you would. Everyone has been so wonderful to help where needed. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Sunday, July 4, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Crystal Westhusing)

Today's surgery went well. Not only were they able to clean the infection in the ankle, but they were also able to reattach the big toe tendon while they were cleaning! He will have another surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday to patch the skin above the tendons. The date to reconstruct the flexing tendon has not yet been determined. He is still in a lot of pain, but is healing each day. Please keep the prayers coming. We are so appreciative for all the prayers!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Crystal Westhusing)

Today, was a hard day for Owen as his physical therapy was very painful for him. He has been able to have some protein shakes and chocolate milk and hopefully will feel more like eating soon.

Surgery is still scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, July 4th to clean the infection in his ankle.

Friday, July 2, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Crystal Westhusing)

Owen has been able to rest some since his surgery yesterday. He is talking more and asking more questions, getting back to himself. The doctors have found more infection in his ankle so his surgery to work on his tendons that was scheduled for Sunday, July 4th will be postponed. Instead the surgery on Sunday will now focus on cleaning the infection. They have put a trapeze on his bed and he is working to be able to gain strength to move around a bit on his own. He was able to sit up in a wheelchair for a while today and though painful, it is a great step!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Crystal Westhusing)

Owen is out of surgery and in Recovery (4:20 PM). Surgery on pelvis went well and no more re-adjusting of the pelvis should be needed. The ankle, however had infection in it, so they had to reclean it, close it up and splint it. Another surgery for the ankle is set for Sunday, July 4th, in effort to reattach one tendon (big toe tendon) and another reconstructive surgery at a later date to reconstruct the flexing tendon. Thank you for all your prayers thus far and your continued prayers.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Lynn Westhusing)

I was able to go and set with Owen yesterday while mom and dad came home for the day to be with the boys. As I sat there and watched him sleep all your emotions get the best of you when you think about the growing years. Praying and thanking God that he’s alive and knowing that God still has great plans for him. He is still very witty with all that is happening to him. His pain is terrible as you can imagine. All he wants to do is come home. Thank you all for the many prayers, God is listening and answering. Time will heal things but God is the greatest healer. He was not lucky. HE HAD GOD WATCHING AND PROTECTING HIM. We found his cross that he wore around his neck which he will wear again. Praise be to God. Please continue with prayer. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. He will be going back into surgery this morning to work on the foot and to tweak the pelvis. Please pray it all goes well.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

UPDATE ON OWEN (from Drea Brawley)

We are so thankful for everyone who is reaching out to us for updates and to check in on Owen. With that being said, to relieve Nick and Crystal from receiving so many calls and texts, I will post those updates here on Facebook. Nick and Crystal are taking the day to go home and spend some time with the other boys, so we are trying to avoid everyone messaging them, as it's going to be a tough day on them with them not being at the hospital with Owen.

PLEASE feel free to personally message me if you have ANY questions and I can let them know you messaged.

Owen is set to have surgery again tomorrow to revise the surgery on his pelvis, as it wasn't quite perfect the first time. They will also do surgery on his ankle again to try and reattach a couple tendons in his foot.

He's doing pretty well managing the pain, all things considered, but we would still appreciate all the prayers you can send up! Thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers!


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Stewart & Kiefer, Real Estate

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Drawing to be held on September 4th.



If you would like to help provide meals for The Westhusing Family, please sign up using the MEAL TRAIN link.

Please contact Jenny Rohaus or Connie Cook for drop off, as the family is asking for NO VISITORS at this time. Owen needs so much more healing time and the family is still trying to adapt to their new routines. Thank you for understanding!

Jenny Rohaus 660-351-2465

Connie Cook 660-492-9439

Benefit Cornhole Tournament

August 7th

Cornhole tournament

Benefiting Keon Engeman & Owen Westhusing

Montrose ball field August 7th 6:30pm

Registration will start at 5:45pm

40 team max double elimination tournament (ACO rules)

•One player of team must be 18

• $40 entry fee

• pre-register with myself via messenger or text 660-351-2994 payment will be due day of tournament.

If you pre-register please make sure you’re gonna make it.

1st) $200


3rd) $100

Top all female team $50.

• will be have 5 set of boards to keep things moving

*benefit tournament please remember best behaviors!*

20 team Junior’s tournament 12-18

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•2 set of boards

• playing for cash & gift cards

Littles tournament 5-12

• free

Food with be on hand, BYOB but please be responsible there will be children at this event, & live music later in evening by Mike McEwan

Thank you to NautiAuto Kurt Jones Family, Hicks from the Sticks BBQ, One Sources Appraisal, Amber McEwan & Family, MTA Automotive, Rotert’s Body Shop, Jack Fennawald Auction Service, Wendy & Larry Engeman, Montrose AIM, Blind Spot Outdoors, Fitness by Amber and Adam Logan & Michael McEwan for the music. With these donations ALL money raise day of will go to both families!

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Tickets will also be available on July 8th at Owen's Benefit Auction at Mo-Kan Livestock Market in Butler, MO and on July 11th at the Montrose Appreciation Day Festival.

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The entire Westhusing Family and Mo-Kan Livestock Market appreciates each of you for supporting Owen on his journey to recover.

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