April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

What is the Clothesline Project?

The Clothesline Project is part of an international effort to educate people about the personal impact of sexual violence. The project offers adults and children & their supporters an opportunity to have a voice surrounding issues of sexual abuse and assault. Survivors express themselves artistically by creating a design on clothing

to express what they experienced.

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For many survivors, the Clothesline Project offers an important step on their

individual healing journey, by “breaking the silence”.

Instructions on the Clothesline Project:

The Clothesline Project is a community-based public art display in which survivors and victims of sexual assault assault design and create shirts or clothing that illustrate their stories. The project offers adults and children & their supporters an opportunity to have a voice surrounding issues of sexual abuse and assault. Live Violence Free will then create a virtual gallery of all clothesline creations for the community to witness and view the impact of sexual assault.

Step One: Create your Clothesline Project design on a t-shirt or clothing piece

Step Two: Take a photo of your design

Step Three: Optional- add a paragraph or two of you story (please read the guide below)

Step Four: Submit your design! Email a photo of your design to outreach@liveviolencefree.org or click the email button below.

You can submit your design and story anonymously. Please just add Clothesline Project in the subject line when submitting your design.

For any questions, please click the button below to email us or email: jmacias@liveviolencefree.org or call: (530) 264-5321.


Guide for Clothesline Project:

  • Please do not include your name or any other identifying information in your design or story
  • We encourage you not to disclose any other specific identifying information
  • Please use waterproof materials. That means waterproof pens, permanent glue (or sewing, which is always better), no paper or other water-soluble materials.
  • Fabric markers are fine, but they don’t work well. Fabric paints last longer and are more colorful.
  • If you are in need of a piece of clothing to use for this project, Live Violence Free holds a free clothing and food distribution on Thursday's, from 9am-10:30am. Stop by and choose a piece of clothing to use for this project

We are here to support you! You are not alone...

The Clothesline Project gives survivors an opportunity to either write or visually represent their narrative onto clothing. Trigger Warning: this project can help a survivor with their healing process by breaking the silence but it can also be triggering for some. If you become triggered, please take care of yourself. For assistance, contact our 24-hour crisis line (530) 544-4444 to speak to an advocate.

You can also visit our website for more information on services Live Violence Free provides or to be part of the solution to end violence in our community, by becoming a OneConversation Champion.

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