Growing Our Future at 317

Updated Building Fund

As we vision into the future, we are expanding ITEA!

Since the 2022 launch of our New Building campaign, we've made a lot of progress:

  • 12 months of successful and dedicated fundraising, reaching 80% of our new goal
  • Celebrating our 25th Anniversary with over 70 graduates, staff, faculty, volunteers and community supporters coming together in support of our mission
  • Over $3,000 in matching donations for Colorado Gives Day

ITEA has raised over $25,000 towards our goal!

We need your help to raise $8,000 to meet our new goal

Home Sweet Home

A suite has become available at our current location.

Expanding our home at 317 W. South Boulder Road in Louisville will deepen our roots right where we are and allow us to stay in the community we love.

By renovating the space to create an additional classroom and student lounge area, with updates to the existing classroom and Admin Office, ITEA can offer more access to Classical Five-Element acupuncture for future generations.

Paths to Contribute


Gold - Tree

$2500 +


Silver - Sprout

$500 +


Bronze - Seed

$120 +

We appreciate donations of any amount.

Every dollar matters and no gift is too small.

Past Present Future

In ancient cultures the world over, the turtle symbol carries generations on its back, and we too carry the legacy of ITEA and Sandy Lillie with us in good health and prosperity.

The crane gracefully lifts ITEA towards what is next - continuing to share this medicine with future generations to come.

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