Are you retired or preparing for retirement?

We have topics that may be useful!

Rick and Granger Hughes, on behalf of American Retirement Institute and Retirement Wealth Academy, offer segmented video clips of courses they teach in the southeast area.

Below are links to content from various courses broken down into quick, easy-to-consume sections to encourage a learn-at-your-own pace process and to encourage education in your retirement phase of life. Welcome to our virtual classroom! Choose which topics most interest you!

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Retirement Wealth Academy

This course covers useful financial tools and educates retirees and pre-retirees about the current financial framework. Granger Hughes conduct the Retirement Wealth Academy Headwinds course. This course is only 30-minutes!

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Baby Boomer Basics

American Retirement Institute

Baby Boomers everywhere are preparing for retirement. This covers a brief overview of the current retirement landscape, potential risks, and strategies. Rick & Granger Hughes conduct Baby Boomer Basics. This course is only 58 minutes!


New Reality: Losing Money in Large Market

This course covers the volatility of the stock market, asset allocations, and Buying and Holding in the market. Granger Hughes conducts a section of the Retirement Wealth Academy New Reality course. It's only 45 minutes!


New Reality: Failure to Maximize Income

Failure to Maximize Income is a section of Retirement Wealth Academy's New Reality in Retirement course. It covers the importance of sources of income in retirement. Granger Hughes conducts Failure to Maximize Income in Retirement. It's only 38 minutes!


Debt and Taxes

American Retirement Institute

This course covers topics such as national total debt, America's biggest expenses, and tax rates. Click below to watch Rick Hughes cover the Debt and Taxes section of American Retirement Institute's Baby Boomer Basics course. This is only an 9 minute section!


Additional Risks in Retirement

American Retirement Institute

This course covers topics such as costs of long-term care and health care as well as insurance, LIRPS, and financial strategies in these areas. Click to watch Rick Hughes cover a 'Risks' section of American Retirement Institute's Baby Boomer Basics. This section is only 9 minutes!

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