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It’s Time to Prepare Our Students for a Rapidly Changing Future

You can’t miss it. The world around us is changing at an accelerated pace! Hanover Research recently published a report they conducted last year which clarified which United States industries are likely to grow exponentially over the next ten years, and which types of current jobs are likely to dramatically decrease in the face of society’s upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Increasingly sophisticated technology will have a big impact on future employment. Hanover Research has concluded that key emerging industries will include: biosciences, energy solutions, health sciences and services, and information technology. 

Not surprisingly, they also concluded that jobs that primarily require manual labor will likely recede. The report says that an increased use of technology will have far-reaching implications across many fields. Greater sophistication in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and automation will mean that a sizable percentage of current occupations will be replaced by technology in the near future. 

To quote the study directly, “In the coming years, it will be increasingly important for workers across all industries to develop some level of digital fluency, or the ability to “select and leverage appropriate tools and technology to learn, work, and communicate.” As the majority of work across all industries requires technology, students must be prepared to use it effectively. 

Research further notes that given increasing technology and automation, firms no longer rely solely on employee’s technical expertise. Therefore, the factor differentiating these organizations from struggling competitors is the employee’s soft skills. Soft skills may include characteristics such as adaptability, collaboration, organization, and empathy, all of which are vital to succeed in today’s competitive workforce.”

What does this mean for educators? At NJCTL, we are dedicated to help you prepare your students to contribute and succeed in the world they will encounter upon graduation. A strong academic foundation in science, mathematics and computer science that includes critical thinking skills has never been more important. Our pedagogy encourages student interaction and communication, building the required soft skills for the workforce. We continuously upgrade our free course materials, online asynchronous courses for teachers, and endorsement programs to empower you to achieve just that! 

You can read the full report here.  

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