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Dedicated to Wellbeing,

Tell us what works for you!

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For Patients

  • Meet with a physician
  • Meet with a nurse
  • Ask about medications
  • Find a free clinic near you
  • Get help with medical bills

Check out

Online Community Directory


For Providers

  • Volunteer for Telehealth
  • Let our MAs support your patients
  • Present to community
  • Obtain CEUs

Any kind of Practitioner can join

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For Organizations

  • Receive referrals from us
  • Join online Community Resource Directory, CRD
  • Upload your logo
  • Share your expertise

Partner on surveys to collect community needs assessment data

This project brings PATIENT and PRACTITIONER to the same platform

Whether you are a student of health, a caregiver, a clinician, or an alternative medicine practitioner;

we want to hear from you.

We understand what may work for one patient may not work for you!

Join us in the journey towards HEALTH

Multiple ways to connect with our Clinic Team

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Message us at to connect with you

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Call us to get an appointment

weekday 9 am - 5 pm

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Use our Online Directory to locate health resources near you

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Signup with Community Social Platform

This social platform provides a secure place for anyone to reach out for help or contribute their time and efforts to the community.

It provides the following services:

  • COVID-19 resources for Muslim patients
  • Businesses can place their listings in the Online Directory
  • Patients can tell us what works for them through different kinds of anonymous surveys
  • Reach out to certified Community Health Workers who can talk your language and are able to understand you and provide a customized solution for your needs

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or for your loved one, our volunteers can help you reach your goal.

Would you like to contribute your time or efforts?


Join us on the Social Platform: My Health, My Responsibility