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Private Lessons

10/hours Private Lesson Package

Course is designed to evaluate students weaknesses, create work plan with practical advices. Course is good for students who prepare for particular Tournaments.  


20/hours Private Lesson Package

The course is designed to evaluate students' weaknesses, create a work plan with practical advice, and build an opening repertoire.


1/hour Private Lesson with Grandmaster

Private 1 hour lesson with Grandmaster.


15/hours Basics of Chess Strategy Private Course.

This Course is great for Beginners. Students will learn Basic rules of Openings, Middlegames, and Endgames. After completing the course you are ready to start competing in tournaments.


30/hours Intense Strategy Private Course

This course is designed for Intermediate Tournament players. The course will be focused on developing thinking skills, understanding chess tactics, evaluation of positions, positional understanding, and more. The course is good for players of USCF rating range between 1000-1600.


50/hours Fundamental Understanding Private Course

This course is for Advanced players. Students will learn deeper Opening ideas, analyze Classical games, improve their deep understanding of Endgames, positional and combinational chess. Grandmaster will also share analyzed opening variations with students. The course is good for USCF level 1600-2200.


About Rashad


Rashad is a very dynamic teacher who knows how to make chess exciting. His interactive teaching style engages young chess players and instills in them a love for the work ethic and challenges created on the chessboard. He is an expert in chess strategy and tactics and prides himself in aggressive and active play. Rashad does not believe that chess should be about opening memorization, as he himself became a Grandmaster without having memorized opening lines.


(571) 308-2417