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Rest & Reset – Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living

As we have entered the new normal, you may find the pace, stresses and challenges of life are no less than before but perhaps have become even greater. Societal pressures tend to instil certain beliefs about how we should be performing in everyday life. This is often contradictory to the reality of our actual physical needs and our real human vulnerabilities. At times it seems we have created a world where we need to disconnect in order to just get through the daily tasks of modern living. The result is anxiety, stress, burnout, illness, disease & a lack of meaningful connection. This course offers an opportunity to reclaim the balance necessary for our vitality, and reinstate the value of rest into our routines. Reset your mind, body & spirit to a new flow & rhythm, one which is a more authentic expression of your truth.


Carina, Jannah & Vivianne have come together to address some of the challenges posed by living in today’s world and in doing so have co-created this offering of psychological, physiological & nutritional methods to return you to your vitality and reconnect with your authentic nature. Each monthly meeting offers the safety & connection of a facilitated group where each member is supported & valued.

This offering is not just a course but a community of individuals seeking a more intentional way of living our life. Each month, we will offer a theme of focus to learn & develop, bringing opportunities to discuss and process the necessary changes that can be made to release the heavy burdens of modern living while instilling beneficial & re-energising practices. 

Let’s revitalize our minds, bodies & spirits to connected & intentional living.

Rest & Reset - Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living

All-in 12 month series 

Mid Month meetings Wednesdays 10am - 12 noon (GMT)

Recordings will be emailed within 24 hours post meeting

€588.00  €441.00  25% off

Monthly Workshop Series

SEPT 7th 2022 - FREE INTRODUCTION TO REST & RESET: This includes a feature on STRESS - The physical effects. How to reduce & reverse them with these simple methods.


SEPT 14th 2022 - SYSTEM OVERLOAD: Discover the different nervous system states & learn how to regulate your own nervous system with simple movement practices.

OCT 12th 2022 - DEVELOPING AN ASSERTIVE MINDSET: Learn why we struggle to set healthy boundaries, the importance of doing so & how this can help prevent burnout.

NOV 16th 2022 - BODY TYPES: How your body type is a map to healthy choices that suit you. Discover how this information can help you to work smarter not harder.

DEC 14th 2022 - BALANCING THE OPPOSITES: Bring more harmony to your life by balancing the Yin/Yang, introvert/extrovert and busy/restful person within.

JAN 11th 2023 - MIND - THE DEFAULT MODE: Discover where your mind goes in the downtime & how to offer it reprieve from over-thinking, worrying & unhelpful styles of thinking.

FEB 15th 2023 – THE CYCLES OF LIFE: Learn to work with the variety of cycles in your life, including internal, daily, monthly, yearly and life cycles. Reconnect and honour your cyclical nature to maximise true potential in all areas of life.

MAR 15th 2023 - CONVALESCENCE: Why we need a little convalescence in the 21st century. Introducing the history of convalescence & how to implement little convalescences now.

APR 12th 2023 - PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT: From frustration to acceptance – Discover the fine art of surrendering to the present moment reality, where our power and pure potential lies waiting for us.

May 17th 2023 - SELF-WORTH: What is your value? - Discover why it is so hard to stop and give yourself good quality rest and restorative time. Let’s do this by exploring the concepts of laziness and productivity shame and looking at where this type of guilt or shame can come from.

JUN 14th 2023 - LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE: How to use food to help your body deal with daily stresses. Let's explore when food can truly be medicine through detox, nutrients & our relationships with food.

JULY 12th 2023 - CONNECTION: Let’s talk Individual connection, Relational connection and Spiritual connection – Let’s learn the balancing act of honouring our unique selves while also holding space for relationships and the collective needs in our family and community.

AUG 16th 2023 - CONCLUSION: Exploring what we have learned about ourselves over the course of these workshops & performing a closing ritual 


Meet the Team

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Carina Kennedy

Carina is a Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist & Naturopath, along with being a reiki master, reflexologist, iridologist and a former nurse. She has a passion for all things health and nature, which has always been who she is but was definitely ignited to a new level through her own health trials and tribulations.  

Her passion in natural health is fueled by her knowledge and experience not only with her own healing but with that of thousands of clients over the last 15 years of her practice.  

Her motto is “keep it simple, keep it natural, keeps you healthy” or “KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetie” she is all about making healthy choices simple and accessible for those that want them.

She can’t wait to share that passion with you and help you find that balance between Thriving, surviving and reviving. Get ready to reset

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Jannah Walshe

Jannah is an adult and adolescent psychotherapist, working in both the private and the community sector. She originally studied psychology in the UK but shortly after making the move back to Ireland, she realised that her love was in psychotherapy and became a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist. 

She is passionate about working within the community and offers mental health education courses in secondary schools, personal development courses and workshops, writes articles for a local newspaper and facilitates various support groups.

She has a strong interest in Ecopsychology which is based on the idea that people are connected to and impacted by their natural environment. Another keen interest of hers is in the area of personal self-actualisation. She enjoys supporting people to find and realise their true potential, particularly that which brings them a greater sense of contentment and balance.


Vivianne Maloney

Vivianne is a Psychotherapist,

course author & group facilitator. She is also a trainer for Aware – the National Organisation for Depression and Bi-Polar.

Having a previous background in Fashion industry, Vivianne brings a wealth of wisdom in navigating the everyday stressors & demands of living in today's busy world.

The name Vivianne is of French origin meaning "Life" & reflects her passion for authentic connection, expression of self and enhanced vitality. Her mission is to help people cultivate and nurture an intimate, supportive, nourishing relationship with themselves, while she maintains the very same for herself. 

She holds a Master of Arts in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy and is an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). She also holds a National Diploma in Art & Fashion Design. Vivianne offers Psychotherapy in private practice both online and face-to-face in Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

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