Dr. Loren Fishman's Recorded Webinars

Many of these were given without cost during the COVID - 19 Pandemic

Yoga for the Shoulder (1)

Loren Fishman, MD describes the common conditions that affect the shoulder, and shows you the poses that can help.

Included is his well-known treatment for rotator cuff syndrome.


Yoga for Osteoporosis - The First Series

Loren Fishman, MD and Liz Larson go over the Beginner, Intermediate and Classical versions of 12 poses that in 12 minutes of daily practice are likely to improve your bone mineral density and bone quality.


Yoga for Osteoporosis - The Third Series

The final member of the "Yoga vs. Osteoporosis" series. With this 12 pose sequence and the first and second series, participants will have yoga that stimulates the femur, the hip, the lumbar spine,the wrists and the ribs - the five most common sites of osteoporosis fracture.

If you practice the First Series on Monday, and the Second Series on Tuesday, and the Third series on Wednesday, then repeat for the next three days and start again on Sunday, you'll only be repeating the sequence on the same days of the week every five weeks. This should sharpen your perceptions and refine your mindful practice, and give maximum benefit to all your bones.

The "side-effects" of yoga are better posture, finer balance, greater strength, wider ranges of motion, refined coordination, and lower anxiety. It is nearly without cost, and can be done life-long.


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