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How to Keep Little Ones Engaged as Spring Appears Outside Your Window

Almost every American elementary school teacher knows the challenge: younger students’ energy can build to a fever-pitched crescendo as the long confinement of winter draws to a close and spring arrives.

Seasoned elementary school teacher and NJCTL’s Director of Course Development, Susan Olszewski recommends that teachers embrace the energy. “The trick is to harness all of those high spirits and focus on fun, active learning,” she says. NJCTL’s K-2 Science Labs engineering activities are a perfect resource. First you can present the kids with a challenge and then have them work in groups to collaboratively develop solutions.

Jump Frog Jump is an often used stand-out that gets students out of their seats and caught-up in the action. There are also additional engineering labs available throughout NJCTL’s K-2 courses. They are found in the labs section for each unit, and specifically marked as engineering labs. Every unit in our K-2 courses includes several labs—and at least one of them is always an engineering lab, which should give you plenty of tools to get you through this spring season and beyond! 

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