Wake Up!! I AM: The Cure e-Book is now available

written by Rebecca Roseberry

Wake Up!! I AM : The Cure E-Book

 Wake Up!! I AM: The Cure by Rebecca Roseberry, is about awakening to the divinity that is you. You are your own healer.
You are your own medicine. You are your own cure! No one knows you better than you do. It is time to accept this for yourself and to take ownership of your own power – and to take your power back from the sources that cannot be a substitute for this truth. 

If you are a seeker of truth and are tired of the merry-go-round of medical propaganda and witch craft of the conventional medicine movement, you have found your answer. Enjoy and welcome home to sanity. 


About the Author

My name is Rebecca Roseberry, and I am a nutritionist with a master’s and bachelor’s degree in nutrition. I have been coaching, counseling and healing people professionally since 1999. I am an introverted intellectual who is highly energetic and very creative, so I have to be researching and learning, building, and creating all the time. All I care about is looking for how things work on a universal scale – “it” all has to fit into one matrix, or to me, it is false.

I like connecting the dots with respect to all the healing techniques I have been studying, to see how they overlap or sync. Learning for me is endless, so when I feel a little stale, I get another certification in the healing arts! I am certified in 13th Octave LaHoChi, Akashic Field Therapy, and Total Body Modification. Although, if I am not certified in something, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know it or use it, because I am constantly reading - sometimes 5 books at a time! I have been practicing with Contact Reflex Analysis since around 2003. I completed a master’s program for The Avatar Course. I also became a reverend just for fun! Since ‘only God heals’ is the truth I live by (and is the #1 principle of my practice), why not become a reverend too?


Being a healer and nutritionist is not only my profession, it is also my life practice and my hobby. Recreation for me includes gardening and growing medicinal herbs to make into tinctures and remedies for healing. My jewelry business – Anastazia's Designs – is also filled with pieces that have healing properties from semi-precious stones and recycled objects. There is never a moment when my focus is not on the topic of consciousness and oneness.


I am a cheerleader for my patients, and I’m also a huge fan of living greats that currently contribute to the collective. You'll notice throughout this book that I am a follower of some really awesome professionals who I reference for you, so you can find them more easily for yourself. I’m always excited to find others who think like me, those who are passionate and intelligent, and who help the collective by raising the vibration of the planet for the greater good of all.


I know full well that in this moment, we are perfect in both ourselves and in the collective. All events and systems of being that we’ve created in its totality is completely perfect in this moment… (you knew a 'however' was coming, right?) Yet, this doesn’t mean we are not still working on our perfection, too! Being here on earth is evidence that we are still working on becoming perfect. Therefore...


I wish that all humans in the United States trusted themselves and knew themselves just a little bit more, and to not give their power away to systems and ideas of thought that are actually pulling them away from their own authenticity. At the end of this journey with me, and by reading the following babble, you will understand my intent to help you awaken to the divinity that is you.

I hope you enjoy my book that I created for all of us :)

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Testimonials and Love Letters

I cannot thank you enough for yesterday's phone session. It really meant a lot to me. Thank you, and I look forward to future sessions with you. Warm Regards

I am a believer!!!! Gosh what a gift you have. It gave me chills.

Thanks Rebecca, Keep up the amazing work!! Wow- what a story. Thank you for sharing Rebecca. You are a powerful healing force Rebecca, doing great work. Keep it up. You're amazing.

Rebecca is a rare gem in the world of holistic healing and has the unique ability to get to the exact root of your situation. I am very choosy with who I work with as I have rarely found the accuracy that she taps into. I was in a healing crisis last August after a visit to a chiropractor who overdid it with me. Rebecca tuned into me layer by layer and was able to identify the effected body systems, recalibrate the chakras and assist with me with releasing outdated thought forms, as well as tune into what my body needed for supplements to restore itself. She has a great sense of humor, honors your journey, and a multi-dimensional approach, that is so appreciated and needed in these times.  -Paige Hall


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