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As our Governor loosens some COVID restrictions in Minnesota, HSMN too will make some changes to reflect this.

Starting Sunday, January 17th, HSMN will revert back to the following:

Temple will allow up to 50 people attend special events, abhishekams, and pujas

Temple continues to be open during regular hours for Darshan.

We will continue live streaming all our events on www.hsmnlivestream.com. To participate and sponsor, click "Sponsor Puja"

Face covering is mandatory and social distancing is ensured.

Thank you, Twin Cities, for supporting HSMN during these times.

Guidelines when visiting:

  • Face Covering is mandatory
  • Continue joining us and sponsoring online via www.hsmnlivestream.com
  • Online purchase of archana and abhishekam is strongly recommended prior to arrival at the temple.
  • No signup needed to visit temple
  • Social Distancing is being observed
  • Devotee one-way traffic for darshan

Please visit www.hsmn.org calendar for upcoming temple events with timings.


  • All devotees and employees must wear a face covering throughout their stay in the temple. Devotees without face covering will not be permitted inside the temple. No exceptions.
  • Kindly limit the amount of time you spend inside the temple.
  • If you are over 65 years of age, or have an underlying medical condition(s), please exercise caution when visiting. You may continue to participate in HSMN Live Stream as an alternative to visiting in person.
  • Please do not enter the temple if you are feeling ill and have symptoms such as fever, coughing, muscle aches, joint-pains, upset stomach etc., or if you have been in contact with a COVID-19 Positive individual.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are placed strategically throughout the temple. Please use liberally.
  • HSMN priests will strive to maintain a 6-foot social distance from all devotees. In the main temple hall upstairs, follow the process as established by our Temple Management, in order to ensure social distancing at all times.
  • Please do not bring any food inside the temple.


  • For any questions or concerns, please email manager@hsmn.org.