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Finish the year strong!

Thank you for your interest in Choose HER Goal Challenge.

Do you remember the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Did you set goals?

Many of my clients are asking themselves the question, “What’s Next?”

There is a lot of fear behind that question. What will you do with the gift of midlife? 

The most obvious place to start is to establish some goals…. Goals is something we tend to think of doing in January… but what if goals could be become more of a spiritual practice aligned with our life's intentions?

That is the approach I take in my updated Choose HER Goal Challenge. This self-paced workbook will help you end the year with clear goals set from a place of abundance, give you an understanding of what success means to you, identify the obstacles in achieving results and who you have to become to be HER. 

Stop wasting precious time. I can help you quickly get over the BS that keeps you stuck without clear goals.

It is my goal to help you believe your best years are ahead! I would be honored to take this journey with you. 

Here’s to an amazing second half of 2021!

Choose HER Goal Challenge

To answer the question "What's next?" Goals seem an obvious place to start. I believe goal setting isn't a to-do list made once a year, but a regular spiritual practice.  


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