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Find Freedom, Level-Up, & Truly Thrive

You’re a success-driven woman who knows, all too well, the limitations that society puts on you and you’re ready to break your own glass ceiling in order to step into your greatness.

Getting to your next level requires the next level of you,

but you don’t need to get there alone.

Being an effective leader while confidently asserting yourself in your field doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. It can be fun, engaging, and inspiring!

The CEO Day steps away from rigid, traditional coaching and encourages the type of flexible, dynamic planning that progressive leaders need in order to succeed. You will feel empowered to enhance your business with actionable goals to not only get through tough times but THRIVE in the midst of chaos.


Keeping true to this notion, in light of current events, this mastermind is now offered online!

"Your CEO day brought together a wonderful, supportive and diverse group of women. You created an environment where I felt safe to share my vulnerabilities as a leader and shape my goals without feeling overwhelmed. The day definitely fed the desire for personal development and networking; two crucial elements for personal and professional growth at any stage of a woman’s career."

Danielle Joworski


You don’t have to be a CEO to attend this mastermind, but it will certainly take you many steps closer to having the lifestyle and mindset of one! CEO actually stands for “consider, evolve, and own” - three key concepts taught in the day-long program that will leave you feeling like you can take on the world.


The emergence of this pandemic has shifted how people and businesses operate but it does not need to stifle our conversations, development, or growth. Being a woman in business is a statement - in and of itself - that speaks to the idea that success can walk through the door in a "skirt" just as much as a "suit".


In fact, the soft skills that most women innately possess have been proven to be just as, if not more, effective in the corporate world when compared to the more masculine norm of days gone by. These soft skills are more important than ever as we make the shift to doing business in the online space.


Female professionals need to take this opportunity to shine and lead their peers into a more fulfilling and prosperous future.




What if your workspace is highly competitive?

What if your peers make it difficult for you to be heard?

What if your resources are limited and you don’t know what to do next?

Postponing your career/business planning because you are anxious about the future will ultimately delay YOUR SUCCESS.


Pivot, don’t pause.

The CEO Day is designed to ensure that you have a safe and supportive space to share and move forward in your personal and professional development. It shares a community of openness and expertise in a variety of disciplines. You can find the flexibility and adaptability that you need in your professional planning that will allow you to be better prepared when obstacles, both big and small, are thrown in your path.


Starting NOW will ensure that you emerge from your most recent challenges with your head held high, knowing that nothing can hold you back from achieving your fullest potential. 

Are you tired of feeling stifled?

Frustrated by the contradictory demands and limitations of your gender?


Are you ready to experience empowerment, support, certainty, and a sense of direction?

The CEO Day offers a space to:

      Express your concerns and ideas with a supportive network of women

      Overcome the challenges of being a woman in business (crisis or not)

      Discover what’s holding you back from achieving your goals

      Look at what is bringing in results and what is not

      Increase productivity and proper prioritization

      Achieve consistency and accountability

      Create a plan of action that will drive success

      Regain freedom, control, and peace of mind

This is not the time to shrink.

Don’t pull back on moving your career or business forward.

Step into your leadership role as your leveled-up self.


You’ve got what it takes! 

Jennifer Maxwell - SCU - Haley Photography.jpg

Cheryl showed me how to cut out so many 'busy' activities that weren't actually benefiting my bottom line… I've now shifted my focus on completing activities that will get me where I want to go. My productivity has shot through the roof, and the results in my bank account are proof. Thank you, Cheryl!"

Jennifer Maxwell

You deserve to feel empowered and supported.

You deserve a strong, stable network with resources proven to succeed.

You’re a powerhouse of potential!


But you’re stuck.


Life will always put obstacles in your way, global pandemic or not, and it can be easy to just sit back and accept the status quo. You can’t expect a positive change if you are not actively doing the RIGHT things to make that transformation happen.


By joining this mastermind, you will have taken the first step in making the change you want to see in your world. This program gives you the resources needed to make adjustments to your mindset, environment, and business/career plan that will ultimately empower you to not only meet but surpass your goals!

Are you ready to be the female leader you always needed in achieving the success you deserve?

Being a female leader in the professional space can feel extremely overwhelming, even on a good day. You’re often belittled, your creativity suppressed and challenged every day, BUT many people still look up to you because you have ideas that can and will make a difference. You need a space to be heard and to find the resources necessary to allow your plans to bloom into all that they are meant to be.


You make tough decisions and figure out innovative strategies in your business/career space all while balancing the complicated life of womanhood. You have routines and methods of doing things that get you through each day in one piece but forward progress and business growth are a struggle.



   You feel stuck and every time you try to find a solution, you’re left with more questions than answers.

   You’ve been working IN your business for so long now that the prospect of working ON it seems daunting and unfamiliar.

You’re juggling so much already, how could you possibly step away from it all for a whole day!?!?

Truth bomb:


If you can’t take one day off to create forward progress for your career than you are not running your business, it is running you!

Doing the same thing - day in and day out - can leave you feeling trapped and unfulfilled. It’s like watching things unfold around you and not being able to do anything about it. You’re on the outside, looking in.


No control.

No progress.

Only stagnation.


It’s all too easy to get caught up in the busy-work of achieving your dreams, but it’s absolutely imperative that you do not.

Getting yourself out of that space can be made more difficult when you don’t have the network, resources, and support to guide you through the steps that need to be taken.


You find yourself stuck in a hamster wheel - in motion, but the destination is undefined and unattainable. You feel so alone in this struggle without a clue as to which way is up. 

Imagine if you didn’t have to be alone.


What if there was a safe space to share and get the support you so desperately need.


How would it change your life to have a network of experts at your fingertips and a flexible strategy that would carry you out of this chaos not just surviving but THRIVING?


The CEO Day provides a safe space to receive advice, support, feedback, and enhanced clarity in all that you are doing to achieve your goals. Attending for just one day provides an abundance of tools to use toward all of your successes. It can make all the difference, freeing you from the hamster cage you’ve been stuck in, allowing you and your business/career to truly thrive!

"The CEO Day, for me, was a game-changer. I left feeling validated, reflective, and inspired. I would encourage others to "take the leap," though this is a single-day event it truly has been the catalyst for meaningful change and something that continues to push me forward, I know I will derive benefit from this event as the weeks and months progress!"

Patti Pikett


Forget the idea of living in a place of uncertainty and overwhelm.


Embrace the future with confidence and clarity!

Are you ready to break through your own glass ceiling and reach a place of freedom and resilience?

You might be thinking:


   How can I invest in coaching during an economic recession? 

     In order to make it through this global crisis, you need a strategy that is proven to work time and time again. Using trial and error is risky business with everything so uncertain in the world. Doing nothing will leave you stagnant, betting on others to pull you through. There is no better time to invest in the success of your business/career than when it is most at risk.


   I’m already swamped with decisions and questions about what to do next. How will I make time for all of this?

     With many businesses, except essential services, operating differently or being closed, you have more time than ever to commit to the success of your business. Not to mention, attending the CEO Day is now easier than ever because you can access it from the comfort of your home in this virtual version of this empowering mastermind. Remember, if you don’t have time to work ON your business/career then you’re stuck working IN it.


   I’ve tried business groups before and they never seem to suit my needs.

   The CEO Day is perfect for the woman professional who is driven to level-up and push past any barrier put in her way. It is made up of a group of women who understand. They own or play a vital role in businesses and have an abundance of accumulative corporate experience to share. Your host brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge that has guided multitudes before you to truly live up to their greatness.


When you sign-up before July 17, 2020, not only do you gain access to the full CEO Day but you also get the opportunity to purchase a CEO Day and CEO Debrief group coaching bundle for BIG SAVINGS!

Virtual CEO Day

(Consider-Evolve-Own) CEO Day (Hosted online October 6, 2020) $259 +hst

Impactful, hands-on, collaborative events where women come together for a full day of empowerment - to focus on themselves and the success of those around them. We take this opportunity to really dive into your vision, goals, and identity by reflecting on the progress we have made through the first quarter of 2020 and planning a solid strategy to get through the next.

CEO Debrief group coaching program $1,297 +hst

Through 11 weekly group coaching calls, we will come together to keep the momentum gained in our CEO Day mastermind going. Gain accountability and tap into higher performance with more consistent execution. Feel empowered to drive forward as the positive results begin to materialize in your schedule and your bank account.

1 on 1 - 60 minute coaching call $300 +hst

Get personalized guidance in establishing and executing the plan you made during the mastermind that will leave you feeling like you can accomplish anything. Find solutions to what might be holding you back from greatness while simultaneously developing a business plan you can be proud of.

Sign-up before October 2nd and get it ALL for $997+hst

($1856 Value! - You save $859!)

*Note - Spaces are limited for the CEO Day Mastermind and the CEO Debrief Group Coaching program.

Dale VanLooyen

"Take it from a CEO day alum and member of this growing "tribe"... If you are considering the CEO Day, but are sitting on the fence, I can't encourage you strongly enough to take the leap, register, and immerse yourself in this personal and professional growth experience!"

Dale Van Looyen

Are you ready to add YOUR success to the ever growing list of those had by alumni of the CEO Day?

CEO Debrief Group Coaching Program & October 6, 2020 CEO Day

go fast.png

Keep the momentum gained in our CEO Day mastermind going with 11 weeks of impactful, weekly, virtual group coaching. Assess breakdowns, opportunities, review concepts and receive coaching to overcome challenges and tap into higher performance for Ambitious Results.

Register here before October 2, 2020 and the virtual CEO Day fee is included in this price.


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