Equipping Muslims with Patient-Centered, Action-Oriented Research Tools, EMPART

A PCORI Project


With all due respect and honor, we proudly dedicate this project to Sayyidina Hazrat Bilal (RA), a symbol of human equality.

Born in 680CE to a couple who migrated in slavery from Abasynnya, had a harsh life but rose up to the status of one of the most prominent leaders in Islam and remembered to this day, 1450 years later.


The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is an independent research institute authorized by Congress through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010.

PCORI funds community engagement and clinical research that is guided by patients and their caregivers to produce evidence-based practices that in turn improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

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Improving Outcomes Important to Patients

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What is EMPART?

We aim to disseminate the Mosque-PCOR Toolkit, to help mosque-communities develop capacity, and engage patients, caregivers, and other community stakeholders in finding out what works for Muslim patients.

Mosque-PCOR Toolkit was developed under the previous PCOR project, EMARCH, Engaging Muslim Americans for Research on community Health.


We have trained ten community health workers (CHWs) to share and implement PCOR principles in mosques and facilitate data-gathering in order to engage mosque-community members with patient-centered tools and concepts so they have access to information channels to make informed decisions. 

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The Muslim communities of Greater Chicago have been long underserved, under-represented, and under-valued within the healthcare and health research sector. The diverse voices of patients and their families that need to be heard by those providing and designing care aren't being heard. Through community partnerships, we aim to find solutions that will address Muslim communities’ needs within the healthcare sector, leading to improved health outcomes. 

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The project directly impacts all community members because healthcare needs affect us all. Patient-centered projects build capacity across the entire community and their success and failure depend on the involvement and support of all types of community members. It is important to have the support of not just patients and their caregivers, but also healthcare and social service providers and non-profits. 

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Anyone with a stake in community health and well-being is invited to join us!

Key benefits for joining the project:

  • Be Heard! Join our conversation on the Social Platform by joining the EMPART Public Club
  • Bring your concerns to the monthly Stakeholder Meetings with CHWs as a patient, caregiver, or community member.
  • Professional development opportunities to get connected with researchers and make a difference.
  • Opportunities for data gathering and developing programs.

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