Courageous Conversations with Dr. Jermaine Davis

Cultivating a Culture of Civility, Respect and Inclusion

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How do you manage emotions when they run high? Have you ever heard, you shouldn’t discuss race, religion, or politics? Well, what do you do when these conversations organically emerge? Do you welcome and embrace them? Or do you run and hide? Dr. Jermaine Davis defines Courageous Conversations as, “Honest, open, and transparent dialogues that need to happen to move relationships, teams, and organizations forward.” Those who live, lead, and work with an inclusive lens—create brave and safe spaces for Courageous Conversations.

We cannot escape conflicts and disagreements in our personal and professional lives. Are offensive comments, inappropriate behaviors, and disrespect interfering with your ability to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with others? When toxic behaviors persist, go unacknowledged, and unmanaged in life and worktrust, morale, motivation, and momentum quickly erodes. However, we can learn to deal with them more effectively by learning how to engage in courageous conversations and lean into difficult dialogues with competence, confidence, and diplomacy.

As a masterful storyteller and facilitator, Dr. Jermaine will share principles and practices on how to facilitate healthy Courageous Conversations. He will draw from his books, Leading with Greatness! and Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens. If you want to take your communication and dialogue skills to the next levelthen don’t miss this presentation. Get ready to laugh, learn, and of course engage in professional fun.

We look forward to seeing you online for this insightful presentation.

Date: Tuesday, May 11

Location: Online with Zoom

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Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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Dr. Jermaine Davis

Professor of Communication Studies at Century College and Organizational Leadership at St. Kate’s University

Before receiving the prestigious College Instructor of the Year Award, Dr. Jermaine Davis worked in corporate America for IBM, Keebler Cookies, and Frito-Lay in sales and management. Now, he’s an award-winning Professor of Communication Studies at Century College and Organizational Leadership at St. Kate’s University. Dr. Jermaine has authored10 books including, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW, Leading with Greatness, and Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens.


Dr. Jermaine holds a BA and a MA in Speech Communications, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. He’s a Graduate of Cornell University’s CCDP Diversity Program (Cornell Certified Diversity Professional). A designation held by less than 300 people in the United States. Dr. Jermaine specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations develop healthy and inclusive work environments so ALL employees can thrive and succeed. He teaches individuals how to cultivate trust utilizing his 3 C’s Approach: Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration.


Dr. Jermaine is an international speaker, leadership, and communication coach that engages audiences with his unique style of speaking and facilitating known as – EDUTAINMENT – a fun combination of education and entertainment. Prestigious organizations like 3M, Allianz, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Land O’ Lakes, Prudential, Wells Fargo, West Point Military Academy, John Deere, Medtronic, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car regularly seek out Dr. Jermaine’s expertise in the areas of leadership development, communicating courageously, and overcoming workplace burnout.


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