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Healthy Adrenal Response, Energy, Overall Health 


Canacurmin Mycellized Drops

Here is nothing in the entire world like Canacurmin, that ultra-potent combination of organic, wild hemp extract plus wild & raw organic turmeric extract. It’s a five-in-one complex, as it is also enhanced with ginger, wild oregano, and wild rosemary extracts, all in easy-to-use mycellized drops form. 


Tumeric Power Plus

This is the only truly full-spectrum, fortified organic turmeric extract available. It’s mycellized for optimal absorption, so that you can gain the healthy joint and inflammation response you need. 


Pro Herb, Turkey Rhubarb
  • For those seeking a natural colon cleanse and a way to relieve constipation without inviting other side-effects, the Pro Herb turkey rhubarb herbal supplement is your solution.
  • The colon cleanse supplement uses a combination of natural herbs to eliminate blockages and promote regularity through a single pill (with no fillers). The formula is gentle on the body and will not interfere with other medications.
  • The turkey rhubarb formula is designed to eliminate fecal matter build-up and, though it is not intended for weight loss, elimination may help to reduce body weight.
  • The colon cleanse supplement can be used at your discretion, whether you suffer from persistent and reoccurring constipation, some irregularity, or intermittent discomfort.
  • Specifically chosen herbs that are historically known to work together for maximum effectiveness- (Cascara sagrada, senna pods, psyllium seeds, turkey rhubarb, aloes, barberry root, and slippery elm).



Foods That Cure

Best Selling Book Br Dr Cass Ingram 

$34.00  $25.50  25% off

The Body Shape Diet

Best Selling Book by Dr Cass Ingram 

$34.00  $25.50  25% off

The Cure is in the Cupboard

Best Selling books by Dr Cass Ingram 

Excerpt from the Book:

Americans spend billions of Dollars every year on antibiotics either prescription or over the counter.

These drugs are prescribed for diseases completely unrelated to bacteria :sinus infections ,asthma bronchitis,cold and flue like syndromes.

These conditions are mainly caused by molds, fungi and the flue viruses .Antibiotics aggravate these conditions by suppressing the immune system and causing the responsible germs to flourish.

$24.95  $19.96  20% off

The Black Seed Miracle

$38.00  $28.50  25% off

The Golden Root Miracle

$38.00  $28.50  25% off

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