Solo Seniors - Developing a Backup Plan

Hands-On VIRTUAL Workshop for MN Solos - 3 part series

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Planning and communicating is key, no matter what your family circumstances.

A large portion of care-giving research, as well as available senior programs, assume that you’ll have a family to take care of you — but this is just not true for a growing percentage of Americans.

Many Americans are preparing to age without a spouse or adult children who can help them in their last half of life. Often calling themselves “solos," this demographic's ranks are growing: 22% of people 65 and over are either a solo or at risk of becoming one, according to one research study out of Northwell Health in New York. 

Health and well-being are concerns for everyone, but they are often the core concern in the second half of life. Planning is essential, but a lot of us don’t like to plan or know how to do it well. Existing planning tools tend to focus on the end-of life, but neglect planning for health decisions and events that will likely occur during the “long middle.” 

This series of workshops will introduce you to a proven planning model and tool called “the Backup Plan.” Designed with “solos’” in mind, it will help you to assess how well equipped you are right now to handle health events and some of the overlooked things you need to craft a personal health decision safety net.. There will be an opportunity to do shared problem solving and to form an ongoing peer support network.

We are breaking up the Back Up Plan into three consecutive weekly workshops to allow the time and consideration for each step in the process. Forms will be provided in the guided approach to building out your own personal back Up Plan. Each weeks Workshop will have a day and evening option

We look forward to seeing you online! Choose one of the following sessions.

Dates: April 7, 21 and May 5

Location: Online with Zoom

Price: $30 Members, $60 Non-Members

Daytime Option 1: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Evening Option 2: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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Your Facilitators


Patsy Bartley

Executive Director of SHIFT


Patsy is known for creating environments that enable individuals and teams to identify, build on and value existing strengths, identify and address areas for further focus and improvement, and critically assess what is needed for sustainability long term. Certified facilitator for Advanced Care Planning, Patsy’s primary focus is on serving as a resource and subject matter expert for people in the second half of life.

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Bob Koehler

Board Chair of SHIFT


After a career of small business ownership he has found a second wind in his research and support of creating a thoughtful and informed 3rd chapter of life.


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