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Monday Group Classes

U-1800 Upper-Intermediate Course

11 Week Course

July 18th - September 26th

Course Topics:

  • Tactical workout
  • Positional chess
  • Critical moments of chess game
  • Endgame elements
  • Openings and pawn structures
  • Fianchetto bishops
  • Practical advices
  • Time management
  • Tournament preparation
  • Mistakes in calculations
  • Game analysis

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About Rashad


Rashad is a very dynamic teacher who knows how to make chess exciting. His interactive teaching style engages young chess players and instills in them a love for the work ethic and challenges created on the chessboard. He is an expert in chess strategy and tactics and prides himself in aggressive and active play. Rashad does not believe that chess should be about opening memorization, as he himself became a Grandmaster without having memorized opening lines.


(571) 308-2417